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IGN: TheMemeHunter
By TheMemeHunter » 17 days ago
Game- Search and destroy.

Name of kit- Wizard.

Armour- Full leather, encahnted with unbreaking (just to look enchanted) (armour dyed purple)

1x Slightly Magical staff (enchanted stick)
A stick with sharpness 3 and knockback

8x Fireball (Fire Charges)

When use a fireball (or ghast charge thing whatever) will be shot in the direction that the user used the fire charge. Works like a ghast fireball, (not breaking blocks)
Dealing 3-12 damage depending on factors such as armour, distance from target etc. Radius is 5 or 6 blocks. Knocks opponents back slightly. One can be thrown every second. When user runs out the user will not get another fireball until next game

4x Lightning strike (Enchanted Egg). When the egg is thrown, when it hits the ground a bolt of lightning will strike where it landed. This deals 5-15 damage depending on armour distance from the bolt etc. Radius of 5 blocks. You do not get back/regenerate lightning strikes. Cooldown of 5 seconds.

1x Ball of Kablooie (Enchanted Snowball). When the Ball of kablooie is thrown and hits the ground, it will knockback players within its radius and throw them up in the air and away from where it hit. Radius of 8 blocks, knockback is determined by how close the player was to it when it hit the ground (The closer the player was, obviously the farther the player goes.) this can also affect the wizard and can lead to some cool stuff (sort of like rocket jumping in tf2) You also get 1 ball of kablooie every 30 seconds, with a max of 1 in the inventory at a time

This was a bit messy and I rushed it a bit so feel free to nerf/buff/ change whatever you want and if somethings not clear just ask me.



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IGN: Vinex_
By Vinex_ » 17 days ago
Unique idea! I will check into this! We need more kits anyhow.

Thanks for the request,

- Vine

Owner & Developer