VenomSurge Server Rules

Heads-up! If you have been banned before for the same reason or something similar you will receive a harsher punishment.

Global rules:

We have rules everyone has to follow to make a nice and safe community for everyone to play on. These rules apply to all parts of the VenomSurge community. Violating these rules will get result in consequences in the form of a warning, mute, kick or ban.

§ 1.1 Sharing personal information of players such as ip, phone number, address, full name, email, etc, is not allowed. This will lead to immediate punishment without warning.

§ 1.2 Death threats of any kind are not tolerated. This includes everything from “kys” to suicidal behaviour.

§ 1.3 Racism/sexism will not be tolerated. This means hateful comments regarding genders, sexual orientation, skin colour, religion etc.

§ 1.4 Anyone caught impersonating players/staff will be punished.

§ 1.5 Being rude, bullying, or any offensive phrases or comments will not be tolerated.

§ 1.6 Do not clog up the chat with unnecessary swear words. We allow swearing but if its getting out of hand you will be punished.

§ 1.7 Scamming players for real life money will lead to permanent ban!

§ 1.8 No trading in-game items for ranks, real life items, Minecraft accounts or other gaming purchases.

§ 1.9 Any isp poisoning and threats will be punished.

§ 1.10 Posting malicious links in chat, on the web site or discord will get punished (Virus/Malware links)

§ 1.11 No external advertising. Do not share server IP’s anywhere related to VenomSurge.

§ 1.12 Spamming players with /tpa or /msg will get consequences.

§ 1.13 Do not spam/flood chat, this means posing the same message multiple times.

§ 1.14 Charging back or refunding after donation will lead to permanent ban.

§ 1.15 Do not ask VenomSurge staff for op/ranks/items.

Minigames rules
these rules applies to all the minigames on VenomSurge

§ 2.1 Follow the Global rules.

§ 2.2 Cross teaming will not be tolerated and lead to a ban.

§ 2.3 Dying on purpose is not allowed.

§ 2.4 Make all teams fair. Deliberately unbalancing the teams is punishable. (Example make sure it is 3 vs 3, and not 2 vs 4)

§ 2.5 Farm killing is not allowed.

§ 2.6 Hacking will lead to ban. (for more information view rules for unfair advantages and bug abuse)


Unfair advantages and bug abuse
AlL mods, hacked clients and duplication bugs that give you an unfair advantage are bannable.

§ 3.1 ALL hacked clients are NOT allowed. It gives you an unfair advantage and will lead to immediate ban.

§ 3.2 No mods that gives you an unfair advantage. For example: Damage indicators, X-ray, Forcefield etc.

§ 3.3 Do not abuse bugs, instead report them and you may be rewarded.

§ 3.4 Any sort of duplication is counted as a bug exploit and is not permitted.


Evasion means joining with an alt after getting banned/muted. After 3 alts you will be ip-banned for a set time.

§ 4.1 If you have been banned/muted from the server/discord, accept it, you will not get unbanned unless it was a false ban.

§ 4.2 Players joining with an alt on either our server or Discord will be punished with a longer ban.  


Forum rules
These rules only applies for the forums and web site.

§ 5.1 Swearing is allowed, but if we see you're targetting people with it you will be punished no matter what.

§ 5.2 False reporting/forged evidence is not allowed.

§ 5.3 Necro-posting (replying to old threads 30 days+) is not allowed.

§ 5.4 Micro-posting (making a very short post, usually 1-5 words) is not allowed and will be deleted.

§ 5.5 Explicit content is not allowed.

§ 5.6 You must post in the relevant area of the forums, example: if you have an idea, do not post it in the application section. Post it in the idea section where it belongs otherwise your post will not be read but will be deleted.